Internet Policy Specialist

Jennifer Gore


Jennifer serves as Winterfeldt IP Group’s Internet Policy Specialist. Her prior work includes over 25 years of experience on Internet matters, primarily in the domain name registration and management arena.

Jennifer Gore, Winterfeldt IP Group’s Internet Policy Specialist, offers nearly 25 years of experience in the Internet domain name service and hosting industry. She comes to Winterfeldt IP Group from a senior management role at ICANN, where she was responsible for over 2500 ICANN-accredited Domain Name Service Providers (i.e., registrars)ensuring internet policy implementation, contractual compliance and industry engagement. Formerly, Jennifer served as the Senior Director of Policy for, one of the world’s largest providers of Internet domain name registry services. In a prior role, Jennifer was responsible for the development of the first commercial hosting solutions provided by Network Solutions, which was the original manager of the .com registries. When Network Solutions was acquired by Verisign, Jennifer continued on through the acquisition and managed the Verisign Naming Services Channel Partners, which represented over 90% of worldwide registered gTLD domains. She has also been a principal general manager of the corporate brand domain management business within Verisign. Other experience in the IT industry includes senior management positions at UUNET, Nextel, MCI and Level 3 Communications.

 As along-time member of the ICANN community, Jennifer has been involved in a number of supporting groups and constituencies, and has served as Vice Chair of the Registrar Stakeholder Group and as a member of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council, the body that creates domain name policy for the Internet.

 In her role at Winterfeldt IP Group, Jennifer manages client support and industry engagement in connection with Internet policy matters. She assists with identifying and tracking the key policy matters of interest to our clients, and ensuring that their needs are represented in public comments, ICANN working groups, and other industry avenues. In addition, Jennifer coordinates the activities of GBOC, our global brand owner and consumer protection advocacy coalition, and contributes to Winterfeldt IP Group’s marketing and client relations efforts in the online brand protection arena.






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