November 1, 2020
Ayden Férdeline

ICANN's Grand Remote Experiment

Brian Winterfeldt is quoted in this article, which discusses ICANN's transition to fully remote meetings in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and some of the benefits and challenges of conducting a large global stakeholder conference in a remote setting. He states, speaking of the first fully remote meeting, ICANN 67 in March 2020, "on core ICANN matters [like policy development and information sharing], the meeting was effective...At the same time, for those who really rely on close industry relationships, it is going to be harder to build and maintain those relationships without an in-person component to a meeting," also citing the importance of experienced ICANN participants taking the time to mentor newcomers, who may have more difficulty with integrating into the ICANN community in all all-virtual setting.

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