World Intellectual Property Review
May 1, 2020
Rory O'Neill

The Bi flag controversy and when IP becomes personal

Winterfeldt IP Group Principal Brian Winterfeldt was quoted in a World Intellectual Property Review article, discussing a dispute over ownership of the copyright for the Bi Pride flag. BiNet USA recently asserted that it had developed the flag with Michael Page (who is commonly credited as its creator), and that it would now be enforcing its copyright, a statement that caused controversy both within BiNet and in the larger LGBTQ+ community. As Brian stated, "The colors comprised by the bi pride flag were widely used and associated with the bisexual community, in the form of the ‘biangle’ design among others, before they were incorporated into the flag by Michael Page," and that the flag did not seem to have a specific association with BiNet as a source indicator, thus making it unlikely that BiNet could successfully claim any IP rights.

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