November 9, 2023
Brian Winterfeldt, Joseph Theis and Vanessa Peña-Hallinan

Barbie's movie "makeover": the story of an ever-evolving brand

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Barbie has been one of America's most popular toy brands for the last 60 years, and has enjoyed continuous evolution during that time that has ensured a lasting legacy. The 2023 Barbie film is not only a global blockbuster success at the box office, but has represented one of the most significant cultural moments of the year. Our article, published in the World Trademark Review, explores the branding issues surrounding the Barbie brand and film, with a particular discussion of relevant diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) matters. WTR subscribers may read the full article at the link below, or please feel free to reach out to us at to share your thoughts on the Barbie brand and learn more about the importance of integrating DEI with brand protection.

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