June 1, 2022
Brian J. Winterfeldt and Justin S. Chay

.ETH Ethereum Naming System Domain Names: Into the Ether?

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts have been scrambling to buy into the latest innovation: alternative root blockchain domain names. Among the most popular blockchain-based domain names are .ETH domains, offered by Ethereum Name Service (“ENS”), a blockchain domain name provider using Ethereum cryptocurrency. Founded in 2017, ENS claims to be “the most widely integrated blockchain naming standard” and in 2022, surpassed 1 million registered names (Twitter, 2022). .ETH domains are popular in part because they simplify the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrency—a user who wants to receive cryptocurrency from another could simply provide a simplified .ETH username (i.e., WinterfeldtIP.eth) in place of a lengthy, alphanumeric Ethereum address.

This article, published in The Brand Protection Professional, discusses how some brand owners are using .ETH domains, as well as the enforcement challenges associated with decentralized domains such as .ETH domains. Please visit the link for the full article.

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