October 21, 2018
Brian Winterfeldt

Eye on ICANN 63 - October 21, 2018

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The 63rd international meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is taking place this week, from October 20-25, in Barcelona,Spain. Several members of Winterfeldt IP Group are attending ICANN 63.

ICANN63, the final of the three global ICANN meetings held in 2018, is 2018’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), the longest of ICANN’s three rotating meeting styles.The AGM format presents an extremely robust schedule, including numerous working group sessions and traditional Constituency Day, which will be held on October 23. In addition, the AGM will offer several presentations on high-interest topics and cross-community panels, with a continued focus on WHOIS/GDPR (European data protection regulation) issues. The GNSO Council (the body that develops global domain name policy) and the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), the body of over 175 country and territory representatives that advises the ICANN Board, will hold meetings throughout the conference.Assorted groups of stakeholders will also have the opportunity to meet with the ICANN Board, and the AGM will also have two public forum sessions in which attendees will be able to present questions to the Board on several predetermined topics.

 On Sunday, October 21, various groups of ICANN stakeholders continued their series of organizational meetings, held in advance of Monday’s official Opening Ceremonies. Please reach out to us at internet@winterfeldt.lawif you are interested in receiving a summary and analysis of key takeaways from select sessions, including a full-day GNSO working session, select GAC sessions, and the first meetings of the Rights Protection Mechanism (RPM)working group, presented on Sunday, October 21 in Barcelona.

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