January 10, 2024
Brian Winterfeldt, Bryan Stanton and Emily Murray

InterLaw Diversity Forum Hosts UK Model Diversity Summit

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On December 8, 2023, the InterLaw Diversity Forum hosted its first Model Diversity Summit in the United Kingdom. InterLaw, which brings together practitioners and organizations from all avenues of the legal industry to advocate for improving diversity, equity, inclusion, and culture, first brought the Model Diversity Survey to the UK in 2019, following the development and rollout of a similar survey in the United States by the American Bar Association several years before.

The Summit provided an opportunity for in-house and private practitioners to share ideas and goals for continuing to grow DEI initiatives in the UK, with a specific goal of providing practical means to hold firms accountable for demonstrating a genuine commitment to improving DEI. Several attendees remarked that, as in the United States legal industry, the current data shows that there is a very significant need for improvement in this area; however, the Model Diversity Survey, and surrounding activities such as the recent Summit, provide a starting point for understanding the current DEI landscape and for taking concrete steps to ensure that all will have equal opportunities to participate and excel in the legal industry in the future.

As we enter this new year, Winterfeldt IP Group’s own DEI commitment and activities remain central to our ethos and priorities as a firm. Although our firm is based in the United States, our global presence and client base provide opportunities to consider DEI issues beyond the borders of our own country. While what constitutes DEI may vary among international jurisdictions, the bottom line is that our industry benefits immensely when we can all work together to improve diverse representation and when talented, hardworking practitioners are able to work in environments free from both overt discrimination and unconscious bias that may limit their opportunities. Accordingly, we are proud to be a sponsor of the InterLaw Diversity Forum and to support its critical work in bringing greater diversity to the legal sector throughout the UK, and are very much looking forward to InterLaw’s second UK Model Diversity Summit, due to take place later in 2024.

The Winterfeldt IP Group team truly appreciates the opportunity to continue to serve a global client base that is as diverse as our own team, and we look forward to collaborating with all of you on your DEI goals and initiatives in 2024 and beyond. As always, if you would like to share your thoughts on top DEI priorities for this coming year, or if you would like to partner on DEI initiatives in the legal community or more generally, we would be delighted to hear from you.

To learn more about Winterfeldt IP Group's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the legal industry and broader community, please reach out to us at trademarks@winterfeldt.law or to any of the following team members:

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