June 15, 2020
Brian Winterfeldt and Griffin Barnett

Prepare now to protect the UDRP: predictions and discussion points for ICANN’s RPMs review

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An article published in the World Trademark Review blog discusses the progress of ICANN's ongoing review of all rights protection mechanisms in all gTLDs (RPM Review). Thus far, the RPM Review working group has resulted in recommendations regarding the URS, TMCH, Sunrise, Trademark Claims, and the TM-PDDRP. Towards the end of 2020, the working group is due to begin reviewing the UDRP, a phase of the RPM Review likely to have significant implications for brand owners who rely on this important mechanism to address infringing domain names. We recommend that brand owners begin reviewing and considering the charter questions for this upcoming portion of the RPM Review in order to prepare to engage actively with the process later this year.

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