March 2, 2024
Brian Winterfeldt and Terri Doud
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Reflecting Upon Our Diversity Speaker Series: Celebrating Black Women In The Legal Profession

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Black History Month comes to a close, but Winterfeldt IP Group's commitment to racial justice only grows deeper.

Click here to tune in to our Diversity Speaker Series: Celebrating Black Women in the Legal Profession

Winterfeldt IP Group, along with the rest of the United States, has recently completed our commemoration of Black History Month, in particular with our flagship webinar event, “Celebrating Black Women in the Legal Profession.” We founded our Diversity Speaker Series, for which this webinar was our latest entry, in order to provide opportunities to understand the stories of those who may hail from backgrounds different from our own, but who share our larger human experience. What we find most valuable in these programs is to be able to take what our speakers share - the obstacles faced, the triumphs achieved, the perseverance displayed, and the generosity exemplified -  to inspire us each to act in a way that will not only avoid the atrocious oppression of the past, but also foster an environment where peer support, mutual respect and allyship can become universal.
We implore anyone, whether in the legal profession or otherwise, to take an hour of your time to hear the inspiring stories and courageous shares of the extraordinary panelists who participated in this program. Our speakers, Benita Collier of Transamerica and Angelique Okeke of Nike, both managed to overcome difficult odds in order to ascend to extremely prestigious, high-level in-house roles. Throughout their stories is a common source of strength, their close friendships and working relationships with Dinisa Folmar, an exceptionally hardworking, talented and kind trademark attorney who, despite leaving us far too soon, continues to motivate and guide us through her incomparable legacy. This webinar is a tribute to all the efforts and sacrifices Dinisa made to prop up those around her and to beat the odds, overcoming inequity with a loving heart.

Please feel free to reach out if you may have any feedback regarding this program, or if you would like to share any of your own memories of working with or being inspired by Dinisa Folmar. We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you at future Diversity Speaker Series events and other Winterfeldt IP Group webinars.

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