May 12, 2020
Brian Winterfeldt, David Rome and Emily Murray

Winterfeldt IP Group Partners with the Conserva Collective

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Winterfeldt IP Group is delighted to announce a pro bono partnership with the Conserva Collective, an organization focused on environmental sustainability in the Baja California area. Led by Brandon Rus, the Conserva Collective works to harvest and find uses for sargassum, a seaweed that is abundant in the area, as a means of empowering the local population to develop sustainable income streams. The organization also supports research on using sargassum as a sustainable building material. Winterfeldt IP Group will be assisting the Conserva Collective with protecting its trademarks and other valuable intellectual property as it grows the scope and reach of its services.

Due to the economically challenging circumstances brought by the global COVID-19 pandemic, charitable partnerships are increasingly important to ensure that our global citizens have the best opportunities to remain healthy and maintain a good quality of life. At a time when many organizations are needing to pare down their activities to core business functions, Winterfeldt IP Group is committed to continuing to nurture and grow its relationships with deserving organizations that support disadvantaged populations. The Conserva Collective is one such organization that is assisting its community through the difficulties of COVID-19. For each sale of its sargassum soaps, the Conserva Collective is donating five bars of soap to Acre Baja and the Los Cabos Children's Foundation, which are distributing life-sustaining supplies to local families during the crisis. 

Winterfeldt IP Group remains grateful for the unwavering support of our clients, industry allies, and other members of the global intellectual property community, who make it possible for us to devote substantial resources to supporting organizations such as the Conserva Collective. We look forward to providing additional updates in the coming weeks on the Conserva Collective and its critical work in the Baja California area.

For more information about the Conserva Collective, or to learn more about how you can provide direct support for its charitable endeavors, please reach out to

For more information about Winterfeldt IP Group and its commitment to charitable organizations, please reach out to one of the following team members:

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